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    February 10, 2008


    Agreed! I was STF, and was completely melted and fried from this film just as you were. I just did not expect to witness so much depth and intimacy. Simply one of the best docs I have seen in a long time. And like you said, literally shot, edited, did the music...simply amazing. I have no doubt we'll be seeing much more great stories from Erik.
    Such an approach transcends what I have seen in the doc market--and these things don't happen by accident. All the way through to the final shot (which blew my mind). I was just in awe--completely hypnotized by the images, the story, the colors, like that of a Kubrick flick. And theatrical release...without question. The fact that this film is under the radar and not in theaters proves how mindless the industry is. This is a cinematic gem and must be seen. Period.

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