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    April 09, 2008


    Re: American Teen

    "The word control is very interesting; it crosses all kinds of lines in that discussion. A true documentary is shot with no control. You might even call it the uncontrolled cinema. Because once you begin to control the audience it’s not even the real thing. And so that’s part of the problem with the reality shows. They want to control things, so we get the control but lose the reality."

    "For some time there’s been a certain healthier skepticism about what has been given to us as being true. That’s good but now it’s become cynical criticism so we can’t, in this country, believe anything. A society that feels it can’t know anything truly can’t know anything. Knowledge is worthless unless it’s true. People have the same skepticism about any documentary as well. So even if I make a film that is fairly true the average person is deprived of that kind of confidence, and therefore doesn’t get the full value of it."

    Albert Maysles in Brooklyn Rail.

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