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    January 09, 2009


    I would like to say that as a mother of a soldier who participated in the simulation program at Medina Wasl that your film brought to life for me the the possible realities of what my son faces over there. The film did provide some humor and it brought a great deal of tears as well. The most I appreciated from this film is that you did NOT edit out the opinions of actual Iraqis who feel grateful that we are there and acknowledge that though the some Iraqi's ask for Americans to leave they are also terrified to say otherwise for fear of reprisal. They are also being terrorized by the insurgents who break into their homes and beat and kill them and claim it is only being done because of Americans. Your feelings against the war are yours and it was refreshing to see filmmakers not put their own interpretations into the editing. Thank you.

    Wow, how cool. Thanks for writing, Brian. I care. :)

    Believe it or not. I actually wrote 300+ roles for the town of Medina Wasl. I was involved in the "Character Development" for the town FYI "Who cares, I know"

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