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    April 14, 2009


    Hey Pamela- I think a lot of us can relate to your feelings- in general in this business there is not a lot of financial reward and living somewhere like NYC brings that into sharp relief. But I remember seeing you on a panel a couple of years ago (shortly after you arrived?) and thinking you had moxie! Good luck whatever you decide.

    Happy Birthday, Pamela!

    My fingers are crossed for your residency application.

    Happy Birthday, Pamela!

    Every now and then when I despair over the mess of a career that I've created, I log onto your blog just to see what creative, smart, innovative people all over the world are doing. I love reading your take on the films you are watching and the sheer pleasure that you take in writing about the things that you love. Reading your blogs, I can sense the passion you have for filmmaking and how you are rooting for the filmmakers you interview. You don't write to sound knowledgeable or to pass a judgement on others but you write because you love the craft so much. I admire that and for a moment it rekindles in me, what had drawn me to trying to survive in this career in the first place.

    Here's wishing you an amazing year ahead!

    Happy early birthday, Pamela. May all of your dreams come true, especially the ones that come with a stipend. Looking forward to talking to you during HotDocs about opportunities/lack of opportunities in this "downturn."

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