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    December 04, 2009


    Dear MT: I am Hank's wife and wanted you to know how your story affected me in to my heart I had wonderful experience within myself just reading the website report on what you have been doing the past 5 years. it's a lovely mom and daughter redemption story and you make it clear that it brought you closer. My own mom and i became very close after we got together in later life and i was able to understand and see her as a person, an individual who was a very loving mom and helped me be everything i am today. She would have loved Hank and did not live long enough to see me happy and married (something she told me she prayed about). I am thrilled to read about your experience together and how it changed. I think you've got a winner and wish you the best success with it. Keep us posted and if you ever get to palm beach county where we live please let us know i would love to meet you.
    Hank has spoken of the orlando meeting of long ago and i'm sorry i missed you. Best to you Georgia Silvia

    I've been lucky enough to see parts of this film coming into existence. The organic way this has happened, as M.T. puts it, makes its ethics and love reach the heart.

    I can't wait to see this completed and shown to audiences around the world. Let's get Japanese subtitles soon!

    Atomic Mom is a great piece of storytelling. It looks at the shadow and healing undertaken by M.T. & her mother in relationship to nuclear testing in the 1950's, tracks back to the first atomic bombs dropped in Japan in the 1940's, and then sees where where things are now, which extends timeless consciousness and healing from a personal to a planetary level.

    I was really moved to see true wisdom unfold in such a peaceful way.

    I am really looking forward to seeing this movie!

    Wonderful story, wonderful film. Thanks for such a thorough and thoughtful review.

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