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    August 19, 2010


    I can't wait to see this film. I've had a website up for about 10 years now with the facts about the TM organization: www.suggestibility.org. There's a page specifically on David Lynch here: www.suggestibility.org/DavidLynch.shtml. My thanks to David S. We really need this kind of film in response to the David Lynch PR juggernaut.

    A great post, Pamela. Mr. Lynch's role in the opening of TM campuses is fascinating to me. I can believe that meditation has improved his life - and that he, in turn, has influenced countless other artists. Hell, I'm a big fan of both his work and his worldview. Yet, as always, when you monetize something like meditation, there's going be people taking advantage of it for reasons less pure than Mr. Lynch's (I think) genuine motivations. Let's face it, The Beatles long ago raised high-profile doubts about the Maharishi, so the vehemency of Mr. Lynch's opposition to David Sieveking's thorough (and justified) look at the Yogi's moneyed legacy is troubling. I know he considers TM his perfect, beautiful baby, but he also has to accept that the business infrastructure behind it may (almost definitely) have serious flaws.

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